How We Got Started

With the age of Digital Photography, more and more companies recently have begun scaling back their support for the film medium merely because of economics.

Yet, despite recent advances in digital photography … film quality and resolution has not stood idle and has continued to advance, with a look that digital can only hope to imitate through the use of expensive time-consuming digital rendering. That is why, many film directors, cinematographers, independent filmmakers and photographers (both amateur and professional) today, still prefer to shoot directly on film.  And now select theaters across the nation have begun re-installing their film projectors for special 35mm and 70mm theatrical engagements as the demand by film enthusiasts have clamored for a return to traditional high quality film projection. The Hateful Eight, Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Phantom Thread, Ready Player One, Lawrence of Arabia and 2001, A Space Odyssey are nine of the most recent examples of the return to special 70mm engagements astounding film audiences.  But the film revolution hasn't stopped there.  Production of new Super 8mm cameras has also resumed as more new filmmakers are rediscovering the beauty, clarity and incredible color only film photography can bring. So while many film chains, retailers and prestigious film suppliers in Hollywood are slowly getting out of film, Film Forever Motion Picture and Editorial Supply has made a firm commitment to increase its presence to fill that void and preserve film photography for the future.

Starting modestly, our inventory has grown from film leader and motion picture reels to a variety of professional 16mm and Super 8mm film stocks, film projectors, editorial equipment and cameras. We also feature 35mm and 70mm support upon request.  Entering our 7th Year, Film Forever continues to grow now supporting colleges, universities, aspiring young filmmakers, production companies, photographers and consumers both domestically and world-wide with a catalog that continues to expand including 35mm still and Polaroid instant film, film developing (for both still and motion picture) along with complete support for the eccentric film collector. We are also proud to announce that we are doing our part to help put the American factory worker back to work.  Beginning this year,  every 'New' product Film Forever now carries is 'Made in the USA!'  Yes, the good old days are indeed making a come back.  

So Film Enthusiasts ... Rejoice!  Film Forever Motion Picture and Editorial Supply, your one stop for everything FILM is here!  On behalf of our company we look forward to not only hearing from you but also about your latest film project.  Whether large or small, Amateur, Film Student or Professional ... at Film Forever we are here not only to serve you today but also in the years to come.

So what are you waiting for?  Film continues to be the medium of choice for unsurpassed quality and proven longevity.  So Quiet on the set...Roll Sound...Roll Camera...and Action!

James Romero
Film Forever Motion Picture and Editorial Supply